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Degrave Website Launched

August 4, 2017

Our Official Website has finally launched for the public to see. We've spent a lot of late nights filled with hard work to get everything just right for the BEST fans in the world. This website lets you take advantage of knowing everything FIRSTHAND as we release it, not to mention the fact that you can order our merch over the internet! A monstrous leap in the right direction for DEGRAVE.

New Songs being brewed

July 1, 2017

We've started writing songs for the next DEGRAVE record. We've got a few structured tunes and PLENTY of ideas floating around the jam space. Look forward to an LP and a new pissed off attitude. Soon.

Debut Album was released

April 20, 2017

Our debut album, Full Tilt, has been released. 10 tracks of hellwind fury, you can pick up a copy at the next show. You can also download a copy at the home page of this very website. WARNING: HARDHATS AND SAFETY GLASSES MIGHT BE NEEDED.

New Beginnings

March 7, 2017

We have found a new drummer! The drum spot has been filled out by no other than the one and only Jeff Kearney from Omicron and Profanation. We're totally stoked to have Jeff on board and we can't wait to start writing new songs with some fresh blood in the mix. Welcome to the family Jeff!

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